TabWidget, TabSpec programmatically and refresh data within the tabs from onResume

by David G. » Tue, 20 Oct 2009 19:27:11 GMT

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 hi there.

I'm a newbie using android sdk.
In my first application, I have a TabWidget which is defined into the
xml. It can contains several tabs, created programmatically. The
number of tabs depends of the data coming from a web service.

I want to reload the data each time the application is displayed. To
do that, I reimplemented the onResume on the activity. A background
task is launched to preform the refresh of the data then, to recreate
the tabs (into a runOnUiThread method).

The problem here is I don't know if I have to recreate the tabs OR to
refresh only the data of the views inside the tabs.

For now, I recreate the tabs but I often got some exceptions and I'm
pretty sure it is the wrong way to do that.
For example, I leave the application with the second tab open, when I
come back, the reload is perform and I got an exception. This
exception is not there if I were on the first tab. I can try to
"clean" the tabs or "remove" the views but I guess is weird to do

So what is the best way to implement tabs and data refresh ?

Thanks a lot!

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