Thread instead of Service, is it safe ?

by Derek » Mon, 10 Nov 2008 17:26:17 GMT

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I've an Activity A that starts a Thread T which download a file
through HTTP. It works fine. If I close my Activity (back button)
while downloading, it is destroyed (onDestroy called) but download
Thread still continue and download is completed fine.

For testing purposes I've moved my Thread T into a Service and my
Activity starts the Service now. It's a little bit complex to write
(for callbacks) but it works fine too.

What it the best approach ? From the documentation I think Service
seems better to make sure the download Thread will continue even if
the Activity is destroyed ?


Thread instead of Service, is it safe ?

by hackbod » Mon, 10 Nov 2008 18:27:31 GMT

 Correct, use a Service, your process can be killed any time after
Activity.onPause() returns if there isn't another Activity, Service,
etc active in it.


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