PackageManager. get size of an installed package?

by Dianne Hackborn » Sat, 14 Mar 2009 02:58:50 GMT

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 Sorry there is not currently a public API to do this.

Dianne Hackborn
Android framework engineer

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Hello all,

I am building app using hudson, but it throws me an error :

*Smartphone/Project1/android/project1/build.xml:49: taskdef class cannot be found*


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I have a video view embedded in a somewhat complex UI.  As part of the
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unref that subtree of the view hierarchy.

Attempt #1:
Unref the entire subtree and inflate later when I need it.
VideoView works fine the first time, but after I unref and re-inflate
it fails to ever call the onPrepare() listener to trigger well timed

Attempt #2:
Preserve the VideoView between unrefs, manually adding adding it after
each inflate and remove it from its parent before unrefing the subtree
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Works the first time, but will only render a black screen after I add
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Suggestions on how to fix either problem, or alternatives?

(Let me preempt comments on using Activities.  The basic Activity
structure didn't fit the design, and I've heard horror stories about
ActivityGroups, so we didn't do that at first.  By and large it what
we have works. Even if ActivityGroups are the right solution, I need a
quicker fix in the short term.)


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