Need Help to use webservices APIs for the following scnerio

by faritha » Wed, 15 Apr 2009 02:06:08 GMT

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 Could you please help me with the sample code for the following

- I want to load one url but i want to mask all the contents of that
url. And i have to provide my text boxes and buttons.
- If user clicks My button i have to supply that click action to url
button loaded in webview background to do appropriate action.

For example:
- I have to load but i don't want UI of I will
provide my simple UI with username,password and login button.
- If user clicks my UI button i will pass that to "login"
button. It has to open the inbox of that particular user without
displaying the login screen of

Could you please help which class and APIs i have to use for this
example? Please help me with the sample code...


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