DCHP Options in Android 2.0

by SteveEd » Fri, 13 Nov 2009 07:23:44 GMT

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 It appears that only a few basic options are enabled in Android 2.0.
Is this so?  I just bought a Droid and am having trouble connecting it
to my work wifi network (it connects OK at home).

We are using a Mikrotik PowerRouter 732 with RouterOS 3.x to issue
DHCP.  For our clients on our VLANs to find their way outside, we
issue a static route with DHCP.  The Mikrotik unit 'pushes' this onto
all of our clients, until I started using the Droid.  It doesn't seem
to take.  I can connect to the network, get an IP address, but all
Internet traffic disappears at the first router.

Mikrotik uses a non-standard option, 249, which is in the private
range to issue this route.  I've tried putting a static route into our
core switch, but have not seen success with that method yet.


DCHP Options in Android 2.0

by iMac » Mon, 16 Nov 2009 12:48:52 GMT

 Did you try to assign a static ip to Droid ?


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