How do I resize my application to a smaller one placing it on top left?

by Karthik P » Tue, 29 Sep 2009 12:42:25 GMT

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 Is there any way for me to resize an app to make it smaller and placing it
top left? I understand that there is a theme -> Dialog its possible to make
the window size smaller but is it possible for me to dictate the x, y, dx,
and dy where the dialog has to be placed?



How do I resize my application to a smaller one placing it on top left?

by vorcigernix » Wed, 30 Sep 2009 03:48:40 GMT

 Sounds like crazy idea to me.


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Extract from TERMS & CONDITIONS (you need agree this terms before
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10. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: As between Google and the
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industrial property rights in and to the Entry that Participant had
before submission, including the right to distribute the application
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[2008-04-07 16:54:26 - HelloAndroidApp] invalid constant pool index
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...while parsing attributes[1]
...while parsing Code attribute at offset 0000010e
...while parsing attributes[0]
...while parsing methods[0]
...while parsing oco/android/tutorials/R$attr.class
...while processing oco/android/tutorials/R$attr.class
[2008-04-07 16:54:26 - HelloAndroidApp] 6 warnings
[2008-04-07 16:54:26 - HelloAndroidApp] no classfiles specified
[2008-04-07 16:54:26 - HelloAndroidApp] Conversion to Dalvik format
failed with error 1


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