Drawable issues

by Ashwini » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 03:12:00 GMT

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I am trying to resize an image in a textview (set using imagespan). I
tried using setbounds but the image is not reflected.

OnPreDraw - set the bounds
OnDraw - shows the image in some weird place - the updated position
isn't shown correctly.

Can someone please suggest any other option to resize a drawable ?


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  List<Sensor> listSensors = mSensorManager.getSensorList
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I'm nevermind getting values that don't match with the accelerometer.
With the phone standing over my table, with no movement, I get values


And sometimes the expected value:

I guess my SensorManager is kind of mixing all the other sensors, but
I do not guess where the problem could be. I have been checking other
codes, and in all of them the estructure is aproximately the same.

Any clues of what could I try?

Thank you


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