Want to use 2 WVGA screens while viewing a html page in web-browser application

by nikhil » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 02:43:52 GMT

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 Hi ,

We have ported Android on our Devolopment Board and are able to do the
Web Browsing .
We have 2 WVGA screens on our Devolopment Board . We wanted to know
if  it possible for us to use the second screen when using  the web
browser to display large web pages .
(Usually we scroll down , but we want to display it on the 2nd screen
as much as possible )

Any hints or suggestion in this regard would be really appreciated .



Want to use 2 WVGA screens while viewing a html page in web-browser application

by Mark Murphy » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 03:30:22 GMT


Questions regarding porting Android to new hardware should be asked on
the [android-porting] Google Group:

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