Can't open dex cache error with SDK 1.1

by loty » Thu, 05 Mar 2009 07:03:00 GMT

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 Recently I switched to SDK 1.1 and it worked for a short time without
any problems. Now I'm getting "Can't open dex cache '/data/dalvik-
cache/system ..." error and emulator doesn't start at all. Just shows
Android screen of death with blinking cursor. When I repoint Eclipse
back to 1.0 r2 it works fine.

I did adb shell and /data folder is empty


Can't open dex cache error with SDK 1.1

by fadden » Thu, 05 Mar 2009 09:52:17 GMT


The /data/dalvik-cache directory is created by init when the system
boots.  From system/core/rootdir/init.rc:

    # create dalvik-cache and double-check the perms
    mkdir /data/dalvik-cache 0771 system system
    chown system system /data/dalvik-cache
    chmod 0771 /data/dalvik-cache

Does "mount" show that you have a filesystem mounted on /data, or is
it just an empty mount point?  I'm guessing the latter.


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