Cupcake / 1.5 Update Killed my Call Log and Caller ID

by john batka » Fri, 05 Jun 2009 03:06:44 GMT

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 I have a G1 and just recently received the 1.5 OTA update. I am in
North America.

Ever since the update, all the calls in my call log go in as
"Unknown". My Caller ID for incoming calls also always says "Unknown".
Even outgoing calls to numbers in my contacts list are listed in my
Call Log as "Unknown"! I have confirmed that all my contacts are in
the phone correctly ( I have over 200 ) but nothing other than
"Unknown" shows up in my call log.

I have also noticed something weird: when I make an outgoing call to
one of my contacts and then hang up, I see the call log and the name
goes in correctly as the person I called, and then... suddenly it
switches to "Unknown"! It is as if the Call Log program is
"forgetting" who I talked to.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I'm not using any third
party software to manage my call log or my contacts.

I really appreciate any help you guys might have for me!



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