Problem with ListAdaptor

by manoj » Fri, 02 Jan 2009 15:52:58 GMT

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 Hi friends,

I am using ListAdaptor in my application.

My requirement is

ListAdaptor contains some countries names.

When we click on particular country, it displays the states in the
selected country (as a dropdown list). When we click on the state, its
corresponding image will be set to background.

This is my requirement.

I am able to do this well except in one condition, i.e., when
selecting country/state (dropdown list comes and select a state) and
clicks on same country (dropdown list goes up) and again if I click on
same country, selected state's back ground image is showing, and if I
select another state in the same country, the previous state's
background image is still visible, actually it should go invisible.
But it is not happening.

Actually my functionality works fine if we are in the same country,
clicks on different states, the images of the states are changing.

But in the above condition it fails to show as I am expecting. ( I am
unable to clear the previous view's back ground image when I click the
same countries more than once).

Can any one please help me.



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