Being USB mouse/keyboard devic

by atom10jj » Sun, 23 May 2010 03:29:58 GMT

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 Hi~ dear...

My idea comes from the below.
 :  I don't want to carry additional handheld device except my android
phone. But I love playing a game like Wii, PS3

My idea is playing a PC game which is controlled by mouse & keyboard
with using not normal mouse, keyboard but my Android phone. That means
my Android phone play a role as mouse & keyboard.

Becoming mouse & keyboard of android phone give us many additional use-
cases for android such as controlling a presentation, easy HID for
handicapped people, playing PC games more activly with only android
phone used & no paying money to buy Will or PS3 something like that.

The interface communicating with PC is wired USB because wired USB is
the most popular device & USB mouse/keyboard need no installing any
drivers. that give a wide use.

In fact, I partially implemented it on Donut in last Jan for
feasibility & it works :)

magnetic sensor, acceleration sensor and touch screen of android phone
will replace moving of mouse & input of keyboard. it depend on how to
convert sensor data to USB mouse/keyboard data for example, changing
Roll of the phone changes X-axis of current mouse position.

An application could cover the above. It needed additional USB gadget
to emulate USB mouse/keyboard and interfacing the application.


Being USB mouse/keyboard devic

by Lance Nanek » Sun, 23 May 2010 04:59:18 GMT

 Isn't there an open source VNC client for Android? Just tweak that and
you're done.


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