Repeating alarm in Calendar app

by Micropaint Calgary » Fri, 19 Mar 2010 05:41:56 GMT

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 I come from a Palm background.  One of the wonderful things about the
Palm calendar was the ability to set repeating or recurring alarms for
an event that would continue until the user canceled the alarm.  I
don't see this in the Android calendar on my Milestone.

The alarm needs to repeat until the user cancels it
The default interval between alarms needs to be adjustable from a few
minutes to an hour or so.
The default number of repeats on the alarm needs to be adjustable by
the user.
The default alarm sound needs to be adjustable by the user.

The Android application "Remind Me" comes closest to what I need in
the Android world.  However, it is standalone, and its entries do not
appear in the Android calendar.  This means that I have to put my
reminders in two places -- in the Calendar so I don't 'double book',
and in Remind Me so that if I am unable to drop what I am doing to
tend to the reminder, it doesn't let me forget.

Presently, multiple alarms on a calendar event can be set, but it
appears that they have to be individually set, and they can only be
set prior to the event.  This is fine for 'must be there'
appointments.  It is cumbersome for 'must do sometime today'
reminders.  If I am driving and cannot tend to the reminder alarm on a
calendar event, I often forget that the alarm was triggered by the
time I get to my destination.  This is why I need the recurring
reminder.  My ability to forget knows no bounds.  :)

In scouring the web for information on this, I see that this is a
common request, but perhaps posted in places that the devs don't see.
I hope that posting this here will be helpful to further development
of the platform.

Thanks for listening.



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