Display performances in the Gallery Widget, working with thumbnails.

by Batuka » Tue, 06 Oct 2009 01:18:06 GMT

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 help me how to get bitmap X,Y of canvas
i wont to controll bitmap X ,  Y


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1. Problem using org.apache.commons.net with Android

Hello all.

I have been successfully using the org.apache.commons.net.telnet
package with my android app, but i have run into a problem.

I have an instance of TelnetClient, which works fine, but when i call
TelnetClient.disconnect it just hangs and nothing happens at all.

A small test case...hangs when disconnect is called. Works fine on my
home machine but not on the emulator. Please help as Im not sure whats
happening here...

Thanks, (code below)

private TelnetClient telnet = new TelnetClient();
private InputStream in;
private PrintStream out;

public class Test{

    public Test(){

        try {
                        telnet.connect( ipAddress, port );

                        // Get input and output stream references
                        in = telnet.getInputStream();
                        out = new PrintStream( telnet.getOutputStream() );

                        Log.d(TAG, "test disconnect");

                        telnet.disconnect(); //HERE

                        Log.d(TAG, "test disconnected");

                } catch (SocketException e) {
                        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
                } catch (IOException e) {
                        // TODO Auto-generated catch block



2. scrollview resize when childview is scaled with animation

hi android-devs,

here what iam trying to do in my android 1.6 app.
1. have a view (e.g. imageview) in a (horizontal)scrollview because my
image is big.
2. adapted a zoombuttoncontroller to the scrollview to be able to zoom
in and out using the zoomcontrol view capabilities.
3. to zoom the child view in the scrollview i run a scale animation on
the childview like scaleup and scaledown, if it not only
an imageview all the relatedchildviews will also be affacted which is
might be needed.

and here what works.
1. the big image can be scrolled fine and the zoomcontrol appears on
my implemented touchevent
2. the scale animation happens smooth and simple on zoomcontrol click
and stays because of fillAfter="true"
3. tried with imageview itself but also with absolutelayout with other
overlapping views and works fine

but now my problem.
the scale of the childview does not affect the scrollview. it stays on
its initial size/range.
so if i scaledown the scrollview shows me the empty space because of
the shrinking. and in case
of scaleup the scrollview is not handling the bigger childview and the
full content can not be shown.

plz help. seems that either the childview is not recognizing the new
scaled size or the scrollview
is not informed that its childsize has changed. is there a way how the
views get updated correctly so
that the scrolling only happens in the changed sizes? tried
requestLayout() on the views but does not work.
how is it possible to say the scrollview that its childsize was



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