Display performances in the Gallery Widget, working with thumbnails.

by Batuka » Tue, 06 Oct 2009 01:18:06 GMT

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 help me how to get bitmap X,Y of canvas
i wont to controll bitmap X ,  Y


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1. Proprietary Google Android apps: only for G1 users?

Hello, I'm an Android-opensource user and I'm using it with my
Openmoko Freerunner.
It's a nice project and the basic phone is nice, but compiling it from
source lacks of some nice applications by google. First of all:
 - Vending / Market [the most important, since it can give the access
to an .apk world]
 - Gmail
 - Youtube
 - Maps
 - IM providers (at least Google Talk and MSN).

Ok, google is keeping its code closed; it's not my philosophy but I
can accept it.
But, why not releasing their .apk for all the android users?

Actually these apps are available for G1 users providing to them
an .apk + an .odex file; since the .odex files are built for that
system no one cold use these files, but G1 users (who uses a pre-
compiled rootfs).
I'd just need an apk file with an "indipendent" .dex inside; why can't
you do that for all the other android open-source users?

Best regards,
Marco Trevisan

PS: Another nice closed library is Google Gears... Unfortunately
there's only freely available lib for armv5 CPUs. Could you, please,
publish binary blobs for armv4, x86, ppc, [...] users?
I figure that you'd spend just few seconds to compile it for more


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