Messaging is starting to irk me.

by Omega » Fri, 09 Apr 2010 23:51:46 GMT

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 >From a few months after getting my Droid until today I have had issues
with the messaging app on it. One day it randomly deleted all of my
texts, a good thousand or so, including locked ones. This still
happens, sporadically and with no apparent cause. It can happen while
sending a text, after receiving a text, or even at night for me to
pleasantly wake up to. Usually there is no error message or anything
about messaging not responding, but literally a few minutes ago after
sending a text Messaging force closed and deleted all my messages.
At this point I have redundant backup applications (SMS backup and
restore, SMSBox, MyBackup Pro) to safeguard my texts, but it's not
perfect, and shouldn't even be needed.

I had hoped this would be repaired with the 2.1 update, as there have
been at least two issues filed about this ( 
android/issues/detail?id=5669 and )
referring to 2.0, but alas, the day my phone updated it deleted all of
my texts yet again.
I have my message limit set to 200 texts, and delete old texts enabled
(which I originally thought may be the culprit, but then realized that
just deletes the oldest texts as new ones come in once the limit is

I love my Droid like a sibling, but I just don't understand why this
issue hasn't been addressed, it's certainly a fairly large and
important one.

I'm beginning to wonder if its the fault of the ROMs Motorolla are
releasing, as I haven't seen any other android devices having this
issue. Rooting and installing a third party ROM seems more and more
likely each day.


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