Browser versus App to present Web Data

by Fred Vinton » Fri, 17 Jul 2009 01:53:32 GMT

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 Looking for best practices to deploy
   a. tabular data, and
   b. plotted data with comments (title + legend + notes)
1. Display in browser with server generated static graphic plots, or,
2. Download raw data and plot with graphics primitives (API) within
Android's SDK? 50 - 500 data points.
- Volume of requests may be large.
- Time critical response on handheld
I am keenly interested in a sample that runs on the NDK (1.5) which
can authenticate to Google and communicate with an AppEngine datastore.


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hi Dianne,

thanks for the reply...
I think the name ApplicationContext is slightly misleading.
Because the ApplicationContext object acts as a Base Context object
which gets stored in ContextWrapper / ContextThemeWrapper

Whereas when I call myActivity.getApplicaitonContext, I actually get
the application object.
public Context getApplicationContext() {
    return mMainThread.getApplication();

So what gets created as Application context is actually a base context
and what actually is returned when getApplicationContext is the
mInitialApplicaiton object.

Cause of Confusion:
The reason why i felt this leads to confusion (for someone who is
reading the code not to someone  who is using the API) is because, the
javadoc for getApplicaitonContext says that there is only one
ApplicaitonContext object for the entire applicaiton (which is
obtained by calling getApplicationContext). WHEREAS each activity in
an application can have its own ApplicationContext object (which is

So 2 entirely different objects have been named with the same name :



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