ContextMenu for WebView

by hkrebs » Wed, 14 Apr 2010 03:35:21 GMT

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i tried to implement a context menu for a webview, but could not
succeed, although my code works for buttons. i could not google any
useful source snippets, so it came in mind, that contextmenu's for
webview do not work???

i tried the following code:
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
  WebView webview = new WebView(this);
OnCreateContextMenuListener() {
    public void onCreateContextMenu(ContextMenu menu, View v,
ContextMenuInfo menuInfo) {
      menu.add(0, 1, 0, "TEST1");
  webview.loadData(sHTML, "text/html", "utf-8");

does anyone have a working example of a contextmenu for webviews?????

a workaround i've found is webview.setOnTouchListener, and upon
MotionEvent.ACTION_UP I'm displaying a dialog. this is working, but
not a very fine method ...



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