CPM Plugins don't have permission to write external storage?

by RaviY » Wed, 02 Jun 2010 08:32:02 GMT

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 I believe it is by design to not provide right permissions on the
sdcard to the mediaserver. If needed, you need to figure out a way to
pass an open file handle to your CPM component, and then use that to
do the writing.



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Hi -

I'm having a problem with my PhoneStateListener not being called until
after the Phone Activity is finished.  Here is what I am doing:

step 1:  Install a PhoneStateListener.  The listener is supposed to
call notify() (synchronized on the lock object) when it detects a
change in the phone state (specifically OFF_HOOK).

step 2:  Place a call with the ACTION_CALL intent.

step 3:  Call wait(timeout) (in a synchronized loop), waiting for the
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(I realize  wait/notify can be tricky but am confident the
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Step 3 is always appearing to time out even though I am seeing the
call go through properly on the emulator screen.  No matter what
timeout value I use, it always times out even though
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When I tried placing step 1 in its own (ordinary Java) thread, Android

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11-17 12:12:01.451: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(2004):     at
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Working on figuring out the right way to launch the listener in a
Handler thread - however, there's nothing in the PhoneStateListener
write-up about having to launch in a separate execution context.  This
doesn't seem to follow Java orthodoxy either - e.g., in Swing,
callbacks are invoked seamlessly - no separate execution context

...Unless - I've overlooked something ...

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks much.



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When driver register rtc_alarm_interface by class_interface_register
(),it wil call below code:
if (class_intf->add_dev) {
                list_for_each_entry(dev, &parent->devices, node)
                        class_intf->add_dev(dev, class_intf);
Then rtc_alarm_add_device() will add at least one device to the
interface.But in rtc_alarm_add_device() driver do device specific
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Though alarm_rtc_dev has value when exit the function the first time,
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