Extending Drawable Class

by cnatale37 » Tue, 26 May 2009 08:09:57 GMT

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I'm fairly new to Android development, and having a couple of
questions concerning extending the Drawable class. I see that the draw
method has an abstract modifier. However, while looking at the Lunar
Lander example code, I noticed that several of the images being drawn
to the screen are of the Drawable type. How is this possible, since
the draw method is abstract?

Also, I tried extending the Drawable class into a Sprite class to
handle some additional properties and methods I need for a video game,
but I get a runtime ClassCastException error whenever I try to get a
Drawable resource from my Resources and cast it as a Sprite, like so:

private Sprite mSpriteImage;
mSpriteImage = (Sprite) context.getResources().getDrawable

How would I go about making this work?



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