Accounts && Authenticators

by Agile » Fri, 10 Sep 2010 00:22:31 GMT

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   I am just wondering why the email client application included with
2.2 on the Nexus doesn't use the default Authenticator Framework as
for the gmail/facebook/twitter/exchange  ...



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       showAlert() method is removed in SDK0.9...  is there any method
so tat i can replace it with tat method...

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2. Archos 5G would be the Best Android hardware ever...

Hi, I just posted some reviews of the new embedded Linux based Archos
5 at my Archos fansite

I am really hoping that someone will contact Archos engineers to make
Android applications work on it.

It's got:

- 5" 800x480 touch-screen
- From 30GB (1.8") up to 500GB (2.5") hard drive storage
- Texas Instruments ARMv7 Cortex superscalar 600mhz with HD-video
playback capable DSP accelerator
- Built-in HSDPA model (Archos 5G has built-in HSDPA sim card reader,
other models can use HSDPA USB Dongle)
- Very pocketable, below 250gr (much more compact then Intel MIDs, not
much bigger then the iPhone really)
- Full video codecs support at DVD resolution, Mpeg4, WMV, H264,
Mpeg2, RMV, as well as 720p HD resolution support for some (or all)
codecs. All audio codecs support as well.
- Optimized embedded Opera browser with Full screen Youtube flash
streaming support
- Fast very responsive very bright awesome glossy touch-screen
- It runs a customized embedded Linux OS, they call Archos OS,
proprietary stuff, with full Windows DRM support, other DRM support,
Dish Networks DRM support, macrovision tv-output support, Video-on-
demand support (up to HD), IPTV, live streaming of all codecs from the
Internet, Samba/Upnp and more.
- HDMI output to HDTV on DVR Station connector
- DVB-T tuner support
- FM Recorder and remote control with built-in microphone
- Suspended and resume support, 4 hours video playback battery time, 3
hours browsing time (consider the big bright screen and fast
- VGA perhaps D1 video recording support from DVR Station connector
with electronic program guide
- Starts at $350 unsubsidized by any carrier

OK so those are just some of the awesome features of this Internet
Media Tablet. Made by Archos, french portable device innovator.

So, as a pure fan of that product and of that company, and as admin of
the , what I am hoping as well for, is
that this embedded Linux TI Cortex based HSDPA device would be able to
either dual-boot into Android OS for better interface and especially
for the applications, or else that it would somehow be able to support
at least some Android applications with little to no porting required
using somekind of Android applications running application.

So there, what do you think. It's not really a phone but the ultimate
in my opinion pocket Google data-centric device with full up to HD
720p video support and plenty of storage. I think if it ran Android it
would be just perfect and probably the best Android device to set a
standard. I think there might be only one all dominating embedded
Linux OS out there, and I think logically it can only be Android, that
should run as well on ARM $100 laptops (see my other recently
slashdotted video

By being a HSDPA device (I expect with built-in GPS feature using
antenna triangulation) it will as well be subsidized by carriers and
distributed with data and content service subscriptions. I expect it
subsidized to be sold below $199, thus a data centric pocket Linux
tablet against the iPhone, that is much more powerful then the iPhone.


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