Sorry, I want to test whether I send an email to the group

by Michael Leung » Sun, 02 Aug 2009 16:57:43 GMT

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 Sorry, I want to test whether I send an email to the group.
Becuase I keep to get an error when I do a reply

Michael Leung 


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1. GMAIL ON ANDROID...Less then useless.

OK I don't know how this would get to Google.  It needs to though.  I
don't care if the Gmail client on Android gets updated or the damn
browser.  But something has to be done, because frankly I'm seriously
considering returning this phone over this one issue.  While overall
I'm enjoying it.  I've just run into a MAJOR roadblock that is a deal
killer, because it forces me to wait until I get to a REAL browser to
be able to send out an e-mail.

I have aprox 5 mail accounts forwarded to my g-mail account.  It is
also setup to be able to respond as those accounts as well.  On the
desktop side this is not even remotely a problem.  However as far as I
can tell there is NO way to send an e-mail as another mail account
from the Gmail client on Android.  None at all.  I can only send as
the parent mail account which is NOT going to work.  So I figured no
problem.  I'll just go to my web browser and go to  I
go there.  Switch from the mobile client to the standard client.
Click compose....and....NOTHING.  WHAT THE HELL GOOGLE?!?1  Normally
above the TO: dialog field there is a drop down to select what account
I want to send the e-mail as.  It it totally missing in the Android
web browser.  I'm dead serious here.  I NEED to send out e-mails as
these other accounts.  These are business associates, professional
contacts, etc that I need to contact.  The only other option is to use
the craptastic normal mail client.  So then I would no longer be
maintaining e-mails send out in my gmail account.  This goes beyond
unacceptable, to critically incompetent on the part og Google.  I CAN
NOT believe I'm one of only a handful of people to setup gmail in this
way, and it certainly isn't some oddball configuration.

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