did someone implement a ScrollView with horizontal scroll support?

by Romain Guy » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 00:27:26 GMT

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 It will be available in Cupcake.

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2. Audio Effect Plugins

Hi everyone,

I have a sound recorder and editor app on the market, and I'm currently working
on audio effects, such as reverb, compression, etc..

For this purpose I will very likely use LADSPA plugins, which are in their vast
majority GPL licensed. This is a bit controversial, but according to my
googling, it is quite ok to load GPL plugins into a closed source app. But, the
plugins really need to be plugins, that is distributed as separated packages.

That said, this isn't only about legal stuff. I am seeing great opportunities
for the Android ecosystem concerning such audio plugins. I think that the high
interoperability abilities between apps (through intent filters, content
providers, etc..) is a great strength of the platform.

Therefore, if us developers were able to agree on some particular audio plugin
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In my current idea, a package (= an app on the market) may contain several
plugins, and there might be several packages from various vendors. Here,
discovery of the plugins by a given host should be quite easy to achieve by
using queryIntentServices() where each plugin package would expose a service
with a pre-defined intent filter. A content provider could also be used for
retrieving information about the bundled plugin.

Now, in regard to loading and communicating with a plugin, there are many
possibilities, some very complex. Right now, I am thinking about a very simple
first mechanism, where a host can retrieve LADSPA shared objects from a plugin
package through a content provider exposed by the said package. This will allow
for high performance by loading the .so in my native audio engine.

This is a very simple mechanism, though with some work, I believe that it should
be possible to distribute and load plugins which come with a UI, just as desktop
users do with VST instruments.

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