adb wont see my device

by » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 12:13:37 GMT

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 Hi guys

I am a newb, I just started to work the Android SDK, 1.1_r1 , I have
eclipse installed on a Windows Vista 64 box, every thing was going
well, My app was working fine in the Emulator , but things started to
go nuts when I tried to run it on the device (Retail T-Mobile G1 not
the Dev version) the Activity loads, when I click the only button on
there screen, I get a force close error. When I started to research
the problem , I think I may have messed something up because now my
device will not show up then device list in Eclipse and when I run
"adb devices" I get an empty list, also "adb get-state" returns

If any one can help please, I have pulled out what ever is left of my
hair trying to figure this out.


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