Can't get out of TouchMode

by gymshoe » Tue, 06 Jan 2009 12:48:03 GMT

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 This is my problem:
I have an activity which displays a gallery which is initially
visible.  When the user clicks on the gallery, the gallery visibility
is changed to "gone" and a datapage is displayed (i.e. becomes
"visible"). When the datapage is clicked, the process reverses and the
gallery becomes "visible" and the datapage is "gone".

Everything works except:
When I use TouchMode to toggle from datapage to the gallery, when it
comes back to the gallery, it appears to be stuck in TouchMode -
nothing is selected and the Dpad won't work. (Like I said, the
application behaves like it is stuck in TouchMode, but since the
isInTouchMode() method was removed from the SDK, i can't seem to
verify this.) When I toggle from gallery to datapage, I have no
trouble exiting TouchMode by using the Dpad, or keyboard.

The xml layout for toggling between gallery and the datapage is based
on the FrameLayout.
I have tried changing the "focusable" and "clickable" attributes for
the gallery, and FrameLayout, but this doesn't fix anything.

I can provide more specifics if it would help.

Any ideas or guidance would be appreciated.

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