Picture Application Conflicts? (may be duplicate, third attempt to post)

by dsurround » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 12:08:21 GMT

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 Any idea why a picture taking application works on some phones and not
on others?  The app was tested with the 1.1 emulator and the 1.0
developer phone.  Some customers reported that they could not find the
resulting pictures using the Picture application after they powered
off the phone and powered it back on to cause a new media scan.
Others find them just fine (in the dcim/camera directory).  Are there
any known conflicts for applications taking pictures?  The only other
thing I can think of is that the developer phone, currently at 1.0,
will function differently at 1.1, however,  the app works on the 1.1
version of the emulator.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


App is ear cam 1.1.


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