Need Help for installing Eclipse plugin

by David Ziants » Sat, 27 Dec 2008 07:08:09 GMT

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Hi there, I written have a fairly simple andoid app but it has one
major bug that's killing me! The app has a screen which saves
configuration options to two text files (I know there are built in
configuration classes but these don't have the scope that I require)
which reside in my project's assets folder. I can access these by
typing something like:


This works fine in my emulator, the files appear under data/data/
<appname>/files and it all works great. However if I install the app
on my g1, these files never get inserted into that folder and my app
crashes as it can't find the files. I'm working on this with another
guy over svn - when he downloaded the code the files didn't transfer
into his emulator either even though they appear in his assets folder!
It's maddening..

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I saw an example of similar behavior in scoreninja project (http://
adapter/, but when looked at it closer, I
saw that it does not use android-specific staff like layout files,
string values and graphical resources.

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