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1. Android app naming policy


I would like to run multiple instances of same application for dev
How does app define it's name in the system, through which of the
files is that configured.



2. Disabling a button until a set day

Here is the scenario:

User opens app, they press a button and some activity launches. After
the button is pressed and the activity is executed, I want to disable
the button until the week starts over. Even if they close the app and
come back, it should still be disabled unless it has reset.

For example, if they press the button on Monday, they should not be
able to do it again until Sunday at 12:00 AM.

No matter what day they initially press the button, they should not be
able to press again until the week starts over.

What would be the simplest way to do this in android? Should I have
the program store the date and time they initially press, and then
calculate the time until reset every time they open the app?


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