How to do some init operation immediately after install

by zhiyazw » Wed, 30 Sep 2009 01:37:14 GMT

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 There is a big database(15M) in my application,
it is too big to download the apk if I publish the source database in
So I encode the db to binary files(300k).

But the new problem is I should decode binary files and create the
database(with data), this procedure take about several minutes, so I
can NOT do this in SQLiteOpenHelper.onCreate(), this is too slow for
user experience(though it is a one time procedure, it is still

My application has NO main activity entry in launcher, the main entry
is BroadcastReceiver.onReceive, the infomation should display to user
immediately when receiving the broadcast, so I have no chance to
display a several minutes "Initializing, please waiting..." UI.

The best chance to create database and init data immediately after
install, but how to do this, is there any broadcast? or is there any
AndroidManifest attribute?

pls help!


How to do some init operation immediately after install

by zhiyazw » Sat, 03 Oct 2009 12:44:14 GMT

 Anybody help?

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How to do some init operation immediately after install

by Beowolve » Sat, 03 Oct 2009 16:47:52 GMT

 You could add an extra activity to your apk that does the init stuff
if the database does not exist and otherwise closes without showing
It might be a good idea to inform the user that you are going to
create a 15mb db on his device. Telling the user why this is needed
might be a
good thing anyway *g*


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