S/MIME and Digital Certificate Support on Androi

by weddi » Thu, 05 Nov 2009 00:27:43 GMT

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 Does Android currently support S/MIME within email?  Does Android
allow for Client Authentication onto secured websites using a Digital

This would be the ability to store a digital certificate's private and
public keys within the phone (preferably through a .p12 or .pfx file)
and use that certificate to sign email messages.  The same certificate
should also be able to encrypt emails to a recipient whose public key
is stored on the device along with the ability to decrypt messages
sent to you.

I think that this functionality is key for businesses that incorporate
digital certificates as a way to secure exchange certificates and
sensitive information.  The only main OS's who use S/MIME currently is
a Blackberry device from RIM and any phone with Windows Mobile.  The
Blackberry allows the S/MIME package to be installed, however it is
disabled from the beginning which is a pain to installed for every
Blackberry.  Windows Mobile also uses it very nicely, however Windows
Mobile as an OS isn't the nicest as an OS (my opinion).

The iPhone allows for Digital Certificates to be installed and used
for Client Authentication, however it has absolutely no support for S/
MIME currently.

Assuming that the Android OS does not support S/MIME, I believe it
would be the best way to go as more business orientated people will be
able to use the phone.

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