Bitmaps (.bmp) don't show up in 'Pictures' when on SDCard

by Gav » Sun, 08 Mar 2009 00:13:15 GMT

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For the purpose of testing I need to store some small (20x20px)
bitmaps on the SDCard of the emulator.

If I store the files in jpg format then media scanner picks them up
and I can view them with the stock 'Pictures' application.

When I use the '.bmp' file format as created via the JAI based tool I
am testing, the files do not show up on the phone, a look at the file
explorer shows the files to be there next to their jpg equivalents on
the SDCard under the folder pictures.

I mount the SDCard to add the files if it makes any difference.

I need the files to be lossless ARGB_8888 format, is there something
other than .bmp I can use?

Kind regards,


Bitmaps (.bmp) don't show up in 'Pictures' when on SDCard

by clark » Sun, 08 Mar 2009 01:35:57 GMT

 The .png file format employs lossless data compression.  You may give
that a try.  I even through a .png image onto my SD card and it shows
up within the Pictures application just fine.



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