by J Handal » Mon, 08 Nov 2010 09:30:16 GMT

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 Hi  All

I installed in my Droid 2.2 #svn/branches/moandroid/src/org/jbox2d

I got this error:

2010-11-07 19:17:15 - cocos2d_android] Error generating final archive: Debug
certificate expired on 11/4/10 3:23 PM!

How to generate a new Debug certificate???




by TreKing » Mon, 08 Nov 2010 14:04:46 GMT


Delete your existing one.

TreKing <> ; - Chicago
transit tracking app for Android-powered devices


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1. 2.0 AccountManager - Implementing a new account type with Google, Facebook and Exchange

I've gotten a bit further than you.

The account manager seems to want to store AccountName+Type pairs, and have
an AccountAuthenticator handle the storage and dirty bits of the actual
authentication and credential storage.

You will need to create an AccountAuthenticator from the
AbstractAccountAuthenticator class.
You will also need to define a Service in your app.   See
This service must be set up in the Manifest like so:  (ripped from link

     <action android:name="android.accounts.AccountAuthenticator" />
   <meta-data android:name="android.accounts.AccountAuthenticator"
             android:resource="@xml/authenticator" />

You can take a look at the link for what the resource must be...

After you end up hooking all that {*filter*}up, you can do this in your service:
 public IBinder onBind(Intent intent) {
IBinder ret = null;
ret = getAuthenticator().getIBinder();
 return ret;

private AccountAuthenticator getSametimeAuthenticator() {
if (_aa == null)
_aa = new AccountAuthenticator(this);
return _aa;

So when you finally have all this set up.    You should see your account
type listed in the AccountTester application next to the "Corporate" type.
To get anything meaningful to happen when you click Add, you need to do this
in your AccountAuthenticator:

public Bundle addAccount(AccountAuthenticatorResponse response, String
accountType, String authTokenType, String[] requiredFeatures, Bundle
options) throws NetworkErrorException {
Bundle ret = new Bundle();
 Intent intent = new Intent(_context, AccountAuthenticatorActivity.class);
 ret.putParcelable(AccountManager.KEY_INTENT, intent);
return ret;

This basically says that...   I'm going to prompt the user to enter
credentials using the MyAccountAuthenticatorActivity class.
The MyAccountAuthenticatorActivity activity should probably extend the
class AccountAuthenticatorActivity.   Here's mine:

public class MyAccountAuthenticatorActivity extends
AccountAuthenticatorActivity {
protected void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {
 final Button done = (Button)findViewById(;
final EditText server = (EditText)findViewById(;
final EditText username = (EditText)findViewById(;
final EditText password = (EditText)findViewById(;
 done.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View v) {
Bundle result = new Bundle();

The bundle you would normally pass back if you had no Activity to enter
credentials is passed back with setAccountAuthenticatorResult(result);
and finish();

That's about as far as i've gotten.    When i click Add in the
AccountsTester app, the activity to enter creds is launched, and whent he
done button is pressed I get this message in the LogCat:
11-13 19:21:58.488: DEBUG/AccountsTester(291): account added:

But the AccountsTester app refuses to display my accounts that it said it
without being able to look at the source for at least the AccountsTester
app, I'm pretty stuck right now...
Does anyone out there have ANY useful information on how to use this stuff?
  Or is it all locked up in a buttbuddy secret vault between google and


2. Leaving SlideME and Launching MiKandi


Just to let you know, this week will be my last week at SlideME. It's been a
wild ride over the last two years and much of what I set out to do I was
fortunate enough to be able to do with SlideME. It is now the largest
alternative Android marketplace and has a healthy user and developer
community around it. SAM, our client, has been deployed on a large number of
handsets around the world.

I tried to start something similar with J2ME back in 2003-2004 with
JVending; but it was too early and the market was carrier controlled. All of
that has changed with the iPhone and Android, leaving an opening for
communities like SlideME and AndAppStore to sprout up and grow.

SlideME has a great, hard-working team behind it and I have confidence that
it will continue to grow and maintain itself with a community focus. It's a
little bumpy as new members of the team get up to speed, so bear with them.

As for myself, I've formed a fantastic team here in the Seattle area and
partnered with industry experts to build MiKandi - the largest Mobile {*filter*}
App Store:  http://www.***.com/ . It was an area that other members of SlideME
understandably didn't want to enter, but I found building an app store as
highly disruptive to the {*filter*} industry; so I couldn't resist. I have an
itch to do things that haven't been done before.

MiKandi is currently on the Android platform and all I can say is the amount
of interest from companies and individuals has been amazing. We just
launched today, so check it out. For developers who are frustrated with lack
of sales, you definitely want to check out this industry. In truth, there is
no industry, just a lot of users who are dying to buy mobile {*filter*} apps..
It's up to you to jump in and build it and make serious money from it. If
interested, I'll send you an invite code. Also check out more info:


I'm also starting another company with Henrique (also a former co-founder of
SlideME). The company is called StackWire and will provide searchable
catalog as a service. Basically indexing of data in the cloud. It will allow
mobile, media application developers to build out their catalogs, optimized
for mobile devices. We are seeing this as an area that is not currently
being met. if you are interested in doing a beta with us, just ping me.

Shane Isbell (Co-founder of MiKandi - The World's First Mobile {*filter*}


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