what is the best practices to keep data between activities deathes/restarts for the whole application session?

by Arhimed » Sat, 09 Jan 2010 03:27:44 GMT

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 We're designing an app that has several activities which are working
in a wizard like way - user should pass from the activity #1 to
activity #5 to get to the final activity (#6).

Since we know an activity can be suddenly terminated by OS on low
memory we used Application class as a static storage for keeping the
data the user inputs on "wizard" activities and other data our app
needs for the whole session.

Unfortunately we've discovered this approach fails - looks like the
Application class instance is also can be killed by OS (this was
specifically discovered on Android 1.6 versus 1.5). Are our
expectations wrong on this approach (we think Application class
instance always lives for the whole app session)?

So the question is - what is the best practices to keep data between
activities deathes/restarts for the whole application session?

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