Dialog Theme problem when using dev option "Immediatly destroy activities"

by michael.bollm...@googlemail.com » Sun, 08 Mar 2009 01:09:43 GMT

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 'm a little lost here... i got some wired behaviour when i enable the
above option.
I guess the problem is about recreating the dialog especially the
activity behind the dialog.

I did the following:
1. open an activity with dialog theme (OK)
2. obscuring the dialog activity with a fullscreen child activity so
it gets destroyed (OK)
3. moving back to the dialog activity (ERROR)

The dialog activity creates just fine but there seems to be a problem
in recreating
the activity behind the dialog activity. It doesn't mater if it's the
homescreen or for example
maps or calculator. The symptoms are always the same.

If i turn "Show Background" on it shows the No-Activity pattern behind
the dialog.

The debugger output suggests that there is some heavy creation/
deletion going on:

03-07 16:51:28.420: VERBOSE/class ...(1563): onResume
03-07 16:51:28.490: INFO/ActivityManager(51): Displayed activity ...:
453 ms
03-07 16:51:28.950: DEBUG/dalvikvm(1495): GC freed 8204 objects /
526176 bytes in 61ms
03-07 16:51:29.511: DEBUG/dalvikvm(1495): GC freed 7465 objects /
483824 bytes in 63ms
03-07 16:51:30.081: DEBUG/dalvikvm(1495): GC freed 8216 objects /
526536 bytes in 71ms
03-07 16:51:30.640: DEBUG/dalvikvm(1495): GC freed 8142 objects /
530960 bytes in 74ms
03-07 16:51:31.200: DEBUG/dalvikvm(1495): GC freed 8144 objects /
531080 bytes in 63ms
03-07 16:51:38.431: DEBUG/dalvikvm(1495): GC freed 7181 objects /
460992 bytes in 62ms
goes on forever

Some programs provide a little more output (Here Maps) but obviously
it runs in circles:

03-07 16:55:47.101: VERBOSE/MapActivity(172): Recycling map object.
03-07 16:55:47.120: VERBOSE/StateStack(172): Pushing BlankHelper
03-07 16:55:47.130: INFO/StateStack(172): onRestoreInstanceState
03-07 16:55:47.130: INFO/StateStack(172): Restoring BlankHelper
03-07 16:55:47.170: VERBOSE/MapsActivity(172): Disabling my location
03-07 16:55:47.180: DEBUG/LocationManager(172): removeUpdates:
listener = com.google.android.maps.tappablemylocationover...@434efe40
03-07 16:55:47.191: WARN/NetworkConnectivityListener(172): onReceived
() called with UNKNOWN and Intent
{ action=android.net.conn.CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE (has extras) }
03-07 16:55:47.201: INFO/System.out(172): #### #### Setting locale to
03-07 16:55:47.201: WARN/MapActivity(172): Recycling dispatcher
03-07 16:55:47.211: VERBOSE/MapActivity(172): Recycling map object.
03-07 16:55:47.301: DEBUG/dalvikvm(172): GC freed 3052 objects /
335264 bytes in 70ms
03-07 16:55:47.301: VERBOSE/StateStack(172): Pushing BlankHelper
03-07 16:55:47.320: INFO/StateStack(172): onRestoreInstanceState
03-07 16:55:47.340: INFO/StateStack(172): Restoring BlankHelper
03-07 16:55:47.390: VERBOSE/MapsActivity(172): Disabling my location
03-07 16:55:47.390: DEBUG/LocationManager(172): removeUpdates:
listener = com.google.android.maps.tappablemylocationover...@434ecc20
03-07 16:55:47.401: WARN/NetworkConnectivityListener(172): onReceived
() called with UNKNOWN and Intent
{ action=android.net.conn.CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE (has extras) }
03-07 16:55:47.421: INFO/System.out(172): #### #### Setting locale to
03-07 16:55:47.421: WARN/MapActivity(172): Recycling dispatcher
03-07 16:55

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