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by Adrianto Dimaz » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 11:02:37 GMT

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 Jadi pengen pusing *njomplang

Regards. Adri

-sent from my google powered device #android-

Langganannya jgn digest, om.. klopun tetep mo digest, jgn reply ke
digest-nya, hehe..
Mendingan compose dari googlegroups-nya, jgn lewat email.. kan jd ga tau mo
ngebales email yg mana.. :)



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Hey there,

I've just started Android development so this might be a somewhat dumb
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from one of my app's widgets. I'm able to create the database, but
whenever I try to open it somewhere else I get an "unable to open
database file" exception. Is there reason for this? Here's what I'm

mDatabase = openOrCreateDatabase("preferences.db",
SQLiteDatabase.CREATE_IF_NECESSARY, null);
try { mDatabase.execSQL(CREATE_QUERY); } catch (SQLiteException e) {}

mDatabase = SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase("preferences.db", null,

Thanks for taking a look!


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