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by Adrianto Dimaz » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 11:02:37 GMT

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 Jadi pengen pusing *njomplang

Regards. Adri

-sent from my google powered device #android-

Langganannya jgn digest, om.. klopun tetep mo digest, jgn reply ke
digest-nya, hehe..
Mendingan compose dari googlegroups-nya, jgn lewat email.. kan jd ga tau mo
ngebales email yg mana.. :)



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1. tcp/ip through USB

A question for those with a G1. I very much would like to know if when
the G1 is linked to a PC through a USB cable, it can use the internet
connection from the PC and make it available to all the applications.

This would allow for instance the Android phone to be linked to a
green side, corporate, computer and access services from an intranet
whilst being linked through the USB cable...



2. G1 GPS - how to initialize it?

OK Android's where the GPS story has led us.  We
figured out after hard-coding a location via finding latitude and
longitude of my house that the application via the G1 does in-fact
communicate flawlessly with our website.

The issue though is turning on GPS capabilities on the device via
private void updateLocation(Location loc).

Basically, we did notice that when using the "maps" application on the
G1, a 'GPS' icon is presented on the top right side of the phone.  We
aren't seeing this through our application and we believe it's because
the function, private void updateLocation(Location loc) never gets

Any thoughts?  Does anyone know what needs to be done to initiate this



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