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by Adrianto Dimaz » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 11:02:37 GMT

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 Jadi pengen pusing *njomplang

Regards. Adri

-sent from my google powered device #android-

Langganannya jgn digest, om.. klopun tetep mo digest, jgn reply ke
digest-nya, hehe..
Mendingan compose dari googlegroups-nya, jgn lewat email.. kan jd ga tau mo
ngebales email yg mana.. :)



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1. Problem Running My App

Hi, I've created an Android app on the Eclipse SDK, but when I try to
run it, the emulator opens but the app doesn't load. On the Eclipse
console, it says:

[2008-07-03 17:04:25 - VideoPlayer] ------------------------------
[2008-07-03 17:04:25 - VideoPlayer] Android Launch!
[2008-07-03 17:04:25 - VideoPlayer] adb is running normally.
[2008-07-03 17:04:25 - VideoPlayer] Launching:
[2008-07-03 17:04:25 - VideoPlayer] Automatic Target Mode: launch
[2008-07-03 17:04:25 - VideoPlayer] Launching a new emulator.
[2008-07-03 17:04:28 - VideoPlayer] New emulator found: emulator-
[2008-07-03 17:05:13 - VideoPlayer] HOME is up on device 'emulator-
[2008-07-03 17:05:13 - VideoPlayer] Pushing VideoPlayer.apk to /data/
app on device 'emulator-tcp-5555'
[2008-07-03 17:05:19 - VideoPlayer] Failed to install VideoPlayer.apk
on 'emulator-tcp-5555': timeout

What's wrong?


2. Android security application developing in Boston

Hi all,

I am new to developing on the Android platform and I am here in
Boston, MA especially to develop an application on Android in the
security domain.
But there have been problems with the university we (my colleague and
me) should go to. Now we are looking for some places to go, where we
have the needed infrastructure to develop and some kind and motivating
persons. ;)


PS: I am sorry to post this message in this group, but I think there
could be some interested persons who are working in the area of Boston
and who have the needed "influence" to arrange us a place to develop
our app.



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