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by Adrianto Dimaz » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 11:02:37 GMT

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 Jadi pengen pusing *njomplang

Regards. Adri

-sent from my google powered device #android-

Langganannya jgn digest, om.. klopun tetep mo digest, jgn reply ke
digest-nya, hehe..
Mendingan compose dari googlegroups-nya, jgn lewat email.. kan jd ga tau mo
ngebales email yg mana.. :)



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1. Transparency/Translucency working on emulator but not device

I have tried to replicate the Transparency/Translucency effects
created in the API Demo(which works flawlessly) and the code i wrote
works on the emulator but not on my actual device(Google ION)

I copied the styles and colors.xml files from the API demos code and
set the theme of my activity I want to be transparent to "@style/
Theme.Transparent" in my activity i set my content view to a layout
which contains only a TextView containing :
<TextView xmlns:android=""
    android:text="should have transparent background"
 i have also tried setting the theme using: setTheme

but nothing I try seems to work on the device, Any thoughts? is there
something I am missing?



2. new app please

can someone come up with an app to watch streamming baseball and get
audio for baseball games like the iphone has please im begging like
the 1 mlb has on the iphone apps


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