Losing Data on Reboot

by droozen » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 21:35:59 GMT

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 So, I made a mistake and I still had the debug version of my app (from
Eclipse) on my phone when I tried to install a signed version. The
install failed, but I could no longer access the debug version in
Manage Applications to uninstall it. I was at work and couldn't
reinstall the debug version in order to uninstall, so I did a complete
factory reset of my phone (using MyBackup Pro to backup stuff).

Now I can install my app. However, now I notice upon reboot that my
app loses all of its data from shared preferences. I'm not entirely
sure that it's not a problem of mine somehow, but does anyone know why
it is doing that and how I can fix it? I may have left the
debuggable=true on in the version I'm trying to test. Would that cause
this problem?

Losing Data on Reboot

by droozen » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 22:07:30 GMT

 If it helps at all, I've discovered that this only happens if my
bootup service tries to read certain preferences and install an alarm.
I've used this process to install several other alarms, but for some
reason the latest alarms I've added have been causing me to lose all
my preferences on a reboot.

I'm not doing anything different that I can tell, but maybe there's
some known problem that can caused shared preferences to crash and
disappear like this?


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Losing Data on Reboot

by ellipsoidmob...@googlemail.com » Sun, 12 Apr 2009 02:25:34 GMT

 Are you certain the problem is related to the changes you have made?
Just wondering if there could be a simpler explanation, like you're
not writing the preferences in or before onPause(), or maybe you're
not always calling commit() on the preferences editor?

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