Bluetooth HEADPHONE support needed

by Vida » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 12:17:51 GMT

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 Currently, the only option for listening to music is via a corded/
plugged headphone set or through the built-in speaker.  I just
purchased a wonderful Bluetooth Stereo Headphone and Microphone
combo.  Android will only use it for phone calls when the Bluetooth is
paired.  I believe this to be a necessary feature that should be
included as soon as possible in the the next android updates.  The G-1
could beat the pants off the iphone if people could walk around
listening to their music on a wireless/cordless Bluetooth Stereo
Headphone set and then pause to take calls on the same headset.  This
should be built right into the main audio settings for media volume /
media output.  Since this unit was less expensive than most Bluetooth
microphones on the market, I can't wait to use all of its features on
my G-1 (eventually, hopefully)!

Wanted:  Play music on Bluetooth Headphones
Using:  Kensington BT3071 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Microphone
Purchased:  $30 at Micro Center April 9th, 2009
No available Market applications to support a Bluetooth Headphone


Bluetooth HEADPHONE support needed

by lbcoder » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 20:48:38 GMT

 You might want to try reading/searching *BEFORE* posting questions
like this: 


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