Scroling in ListView

by lukewar » Mon, 02 Mar 2009 11:24:55 GMT

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I have a ListView and sometimes I need to refresh it but i would like
scroll back to the place before refreshing.
Please Help.


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1. Voice Recording : OpenCore OSCL Scheduler


We are seeing some strange problem during voice recording on GingerBread
with OpenCore MMF. The sequence Start -> Stop -> Start ->Stop ->Start ->
Stop doesn't work some times but Start ->Pause-> Stop -> Start ->Pause->Stop
->Start ->Pause->Stop always works.
The Log shows that AuthorDriver::enqueueCommand() function gets AUTHOR_QUIT
command from AuthorDriverWrapper::~AuthorDriverWrapper() function, waits on
semaphore during failure case. The AUTHOR_QUIT command which responsible for
AuthorDriver::handleQuit() StopScheduler() is not called when the command
AUTHOR_QUIT is enqueued. I thought this could be a timing issue and
inserting a delay may solve the issue but it doesn't. Why do we need a
special command to StopScheduler(), can't we handle this in AUTHOR_STOP
command function??

status_t AuthorDriver::enqueueCommand(author_command *ac, media_completion_f
comp, void *cookie)
    // If we are in synchronous mode, wait for completion.
        if (whichcopy == AUTHOR_QUIT) {
         LOGV(" AUTHOR_QUIT command received "); // prints
         if (syncsemcopy) {
            // waits here indefinitely
            if (whichcopy == AUTHOR_QUIT) {
                delete syncsemcopy;
                return 0;

command is passed from the below function

                // now it is safe to quit.
        author_command *ac = new author_command(AUTHOR_QUIT);
        enqueueCommand(ac, NULL, NULL); // will wait on mSyncSem, signaled
by author thread
        delete ac; // have to delete this manually because CommandCompleted
won't be called

 Please send me your valuable suggestions on how to fix this issue.
 Thanks and regards,


2. Ginger bread - NFC Card Emulation & p2p


I am trying to use NFC on Gingerbread.
I wanted to know if Card Emulation and Peer 2 Peer is possible on present
gingerbread code.

Because looking into api's and framework files I'm clear that Tag reading is
But Will this code support Card Emualtion & P2P  is doubtful.

*Can some please tell me if these two features can be supported by
gingerbread or not?

Because Card Emulation app will require access to Secure Element(SE) for
example UICC(for LTE devices)
These API's / framework is not provided(atleast I could't find it).

 * Can Someone please tell me if Access to SE is Implementation specific and
code(app and frame) will be provided based on SE separately?



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