Gamine game engine

by Peter Eastman » Thu, 25 Feb 2010 12:46:57 GMT

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 Gamine is an open source 3D game engine for Android devices.  I've
just released version 0.1.  This is still a very early version, so you
probably won't be creating any masterpieces with it just yet, but I'd
very much appreciate any feedback on the overall design and

A few notes on compatibility.  I've written it using the Android 2.0.1
SDK.  I don't know for sure that it won't work with earlier versions,
but I haven't tested it, and I've made no effort to support earlier
versions.  Also, it assumes that certain features of OpenGL ES 1.1 are
supported: texture combiners, automatic mipmap generation, and vertex
buffer objects.  Of course, I really ought to check whether the
appropriate extensions are supported and fall back to other methods if
they aren't, but I don't know if that's necessary.  Does anyone know
of any devices (particularly devices that support Android 2.0 or
later) that do NOT support those features?



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