Res: What is Mediaplayer.[..] onBufferingUpdate actually telling me?

by Luiz Fabiano Cruz » Thu, 30 Jul 2009 01:20:59 GMT

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You don't get updates because your player is consuming the media data, so as 
soon as the data is arrived (from remote source) it's being played.
try to pause for a while to see what happens. 
the idea is don't let the buffer gets empty or you will have to restart the 
player (i'm not sure this happens in android, it DOES in java).


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Enviadas: Quarta-feira, 29 de Julho de 2009 11:31:12
Assunto: [android-developers] What is Mediaplayer.[..] onBufferingUpdate 
actually telling me?

Hi all

I'm trying to play streamed mp3 from a remote source. basically it
works, but the behaviour of the bufferingupdate listener is a riddle
to me. I either get no calls at all, or updates like 1% , 2% then
nothing more. music is playing already, but the buffering never goes
to 100%.  which i think is the cause for getting "unknown mediaplayer
errors" after calling pause/stop and then start again.

so, ??? ideas ??


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