why there is no microphone icon besides the Google search widget on my HTC dream android phone?

by richard » Wed, 25 Nov 2009 16:23:47 GMT

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 Hi all,

     I have questions on the Google voice search on HTC dream device:

1. I have a HTC dream android phone. The voice dialer works ok on it,
and I think the voice recognizer should be working. However I can not
see the microphone icon besides the Google search widget? Could Anyone
tell me is there anything missing on my phone?  (Is it enabled by
default? by the way, I build the HTC dream's platform image by

2. I want to build my own application which will be using the voice
recognition functionality.  In order to do it, must I have a internet
connection for the android phone?

3. The voice data input from the user will be sent to the Google site
for recognition through Internet, or will be processed and recognized
locally on my HTC phone?

4. Any other things will be required before I can do the development
using voice recognition?

Thank you very much.



why there is no microphone icon besides the Google search widget on my HTC dream android phone?

by richard » Fri, 27 Nov 2009 15:56:53 GMT

 Hi All,

    I still do not get any info for this.
    Would like to know whether anybody can tell me how I can enable
the Google serach by voice, and how I can make the microphone icon on
the right of Google Search Widget on HTC Dream?

    ThanKs a lot.



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why there is no microphone icon besides the Google search widget on my HTC dream android phone?

by David Phillip Oster » Thu, 21 Jan 2010 02:30:59 GMT

 in searchable.xml, in the <searchable> entity, you should have:


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