sd card storage state and detecting it being plugged in or not...

by sdphil » Sat, 16 Jan 2010 09:41:17 GMT

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 i have an app that needs to be able to write to the sdcard.

so, it goes without saying that I need to be able to detect if the
sdcard is being shared or not -- simple enough.

if this is true, then my app does not have access to the SD card -

I would also like to know while my app is running, if the state of the
SD card changes.  It looks like I can create a BroadcastReceiver with
an IntentFilter that traps the event.

the problem is that that the system winds up killing my process
because it has a file open on the SD card.

01-15 17:33:44.091: ERROR/vold(47): KillProcessesWithOpenFiles /sdcard
01-15 17:33:44.322: ERROR/vold(47): process com.test.test (7351) has
open file /sdcard/test/logfile.txt

how can I prevent this?


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