ClassCast exception in case of loading class from other andoid project

by Megha Joshi » Wed, 14 May 2008 18:39:08 GMT

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Please see the solution in the thread below and let us know if that works
for you.

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> I have a additional question then.

You can't.

At most, as another poster suggested, you can have a different color be in
the background of the topDrawable. Or, put the text and image together as
a bitmap (on-device or offline) and use ImageButton to display the

However, I suspect you do not want to be setting the background of the
button via android:background="#FF0000" in the first place. That should
also remove all of your focus and touch highlighting, as they are part of
the background.

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy)
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Hii All,

In one of my applications, I am pushing few image files say "xyz.png"
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into /data, I wud say /data/xyz.png).

So to short it down, i wud say," I have a .apk and to run this apk I
would push few files manually using adb commands and I use these files
in my application by giving their full path."

But my requirement is that I should not be pushing the files manually
into the device. Instead I need these images to be a part of my .apk
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to my method in the application.

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Please do suggest.



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