ADP1 not showing in ddms

by Cassius » Sat, 31 Jan 2009 06:17:32 GMT

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my ADP1 is not showing in ddms, I have:

Ubuntu 8.10
eclipse version: 3.4.1
jdk: sun-java6-jdk

I'be also removed default-jdk and openjdk-6-jdk to be sure.

On: telnet localhost 9700
I have: Trying
Connected to localhost.

When I start ddms on psauxf I have:
PID    %CPU  %MEM    VSZ      RSS    TTY    STAT    START   TIME     COMMAND
7532     26.5      3.2      131348  66888     ?        Sl
23:13    0:03     java -Xmx256M -

It's a usb - serial driver problem?

On Windows I haven't any problem, but I don't want to use Windows!

Any hint?



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