Is it possible to "mask" an animation (i.e., animate only within the bounds of another view)?

by Andrew Dupont » Fri, 19 Sep 2008 03:01:46 GMT

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 I've got an animation that pushes an item in from the right side of
the screen. Right now, it animates so that you start to see the item
as soon as it enters the viewport; I want it to be invisible until
it's within the bounds of its view parent.

The parent has setClipChildren(true), but that doesn't seem to apply
to animations.

Andrew Dupont

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Acer has unveiled an Aspire netbook that dual boots Google Android and
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hy are we introducing a dual OS?asked Jim Wong, senior corporate
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ou want to enjoy fast boot and fast power off, almost instant on.
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f you remember the mouse had a rolling ball and now we have a
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