paly youtube fail on android platform

by jason » Wed, 20 Jan 2010 02:07:43 GMT

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 below is my log message:

# D/dalvikvm( 1919): GC freed 84 objects / 3544 bytes in 177ms
I/ActivityManager( 1871): Starting activity: Intent
{ act=android.intent.action.MAIN   cat=
[android.intent.category.LAUNCHER] flg=0x10200000 }
I/ActivityManager( 1871): Start proc for
activity pid=2177 uid=10023
gids={3003, 1015}
D/dalvikvm( 1833): GC freed 281 objects / 10704 bytes in 111ms
select 2165 (app_process), adj 15, size 4994, to kill
send sigkill to 2165 (app_process), adj 15, size 4994
D/dalvikvm( 1833): GC freed 47 objects / 2064 bytes in 119ms
I/ActivityManager( 1871): Process (pid 2165) has
D/dalvikvm( 1833): GC freed 2 objects / 56 bytes in 114ms
I/ActivityThread( 2177): Publishing provider
E/ActivityThread( 2177): Failed to find provider info for
E/ActivityThread( 2177): Failed to find provider info for
E/ActivityThread( 2177): Failed to find provider info for
I/YouTube ( 2177): Distribution channel:mvapp-android-google
D/AndroidRuntime( 2177): Shutting down VM

could anybody tell me what happen the two issue:
1. I/ActivityManager( 1871): Process (pid 2165)
has died.
2. I/ActivityThread( 2177): Publishing provider
    E/ActivityThread( 2177): Failed to find provider info for

how to do fix this problem?

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#define PROCFS_MAX_SIZE 80
#define procfs_name     "calc1"

static struct proc_dir_entry *Our_Proc_File;
static unsigned long procfs_buffer_size = 0;

int procfile_read (char *buffer, char **buffer_location, off_t offset, int
buffer_length, int *eof, void *data)
        int ret;
        if (offset > 0)  // we have finished to read, return 0
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//variables defined somewhere else
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// This function is called with the /proc file is written
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        for (i=0; i<count-1; i++)
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        equation[i]= '\0';
        calc1(); //this function is defined somewhere else
        return procfs_buffer_size;

int init_module()
        Our_Proc_File = create_proc_entry(procfs_name, 0644, NULL);

        if (Our_Proc_File == NULL)
                remove_proc_entry(procfs_name, &proc_root);
                printk(KERN_ALERT "Error: Not initialize /proc/%s\n",
                return -ENOMEM;

        Our_Proc_File->read_proc = procfile_read;
        Our_Proc_File->write_proc = procfile_write;
        Our_Proc_File->owner     = THIS_MODULE;
        Our_Proc_File->mode      = S_IFREG | S_IRUGO;
        Our_Proc_File->uid       = 0;
        Our_Proc_File->gid       = 0;
        Our_Proc_File->size      = 37;

        printk(KERN_ALERT "/proc/%s created\n", procfs_name);
        return 0;       // everything is ok

void cleanup_module()
        remove_proc_entry(procfs_name, &proc_root);
        printk(KERN_ALERT "/proc/%s removed\n", procfs_name);

MODULE_LICENSE("Dual BSD/GPL");RT_SYMBOL(procfile_write);

This works fine as module an initializing with insmod & ending with rmmod
constructs. the main goal is that, if it's a module avoid the needed of the
uses of insmod/rmmod constructs or....... if this is embedded into the
kernel....I coulded find and use this driver.

If any one can help me to fix that I'll be really grateful:
- How to link or init the module without using  the insmod/rmmod constructs,
- If the driver (module) is embedded into th kernel, where is it placed or
haw to use it.

In advance many thaks for any help,
Best regards.

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