Timer cause memory leak

by James Wang » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 11:58:36 GMT

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 I have three activities:MyFirstActivity(click)->MyActivity(timer)-
And I noticed Timer cause MyActivity memory leak when digging through
hprof in Eclipse.
Below is my codes:
public class MyActivity extends Activity {

    private Timer timer = new Timer();

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        TimerTask task = new TimerTask() {
            public void run() {
                Intent intent = new Intent();

        timer.schedule(task, INTERVAL_TIME);

    public void onDestroy() {
        //memory leaking happens if there is not below.
        //timer = null;

If I did set timer to null in onDestroy, MyActivity will always exist
in heap. I did the flow four times and found four timers and four
MyActivity instances in heap.

Who can tell me why?


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