Bluetooth issues with nissan/infiniti cars still persist on Android 2.0

by dataro » Thu, 12 Nov 2009 01:27:39 GMT

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 I have a 2007 infiniti G35 Sedan and even with Android 2.0 on the
motorola droid it will not work. Since the update of android 1.5 on
any google phone the bluetooth will sync with the car but the sound is
completely garbled and the person on the other side hear no sounds.
Tmobile and Verizon blame the car dealer, but the bluetooth was
working with the car prior to 1.5 firmware. There are multiple open
discussions and there is a mass of people having this issue. I know
that this issue is not just with infiniti/nissan cars, it is with
other cars and devices. I have owned every device that has the google
os installed and the same issue arises with every single one. The
iphone 3gs, palm pre, and blackberry storm works fine so it has
nothing to do with the ad2p profile screwing it up. People have stated
it was HTC's hardware fault but with motorola's phones not working
this is definitely the android os issue. Can someone please look into
this. Thanks in advance.

note: 2009+ infinitis have this issue resolved but anything prior to
that still has issues.


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