OtterBox Commuter for MotoDroid atau Mileston

by Deska Affif » Thu, 17 Jun 2010 17:15:09 GMT

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 Admin dan Mod, numpang jalumnya untuk jualan :)

Don't fret! You don't need "The Force" to keep your phone safe. The *OtterBox
Commuter Series for DROID by Motorola* is an advanced, stylish case that
provides protection plus full access to all of this smartphone's amazing

*About our Commuter Series:* Three slender, yet sturdy layers offer tough
protection in a sleek package. With a slim form factor and smooth outer
layer, this DROID case slides easily in and out of a pocket, purse or bag.

   - DROID by Motorola
   - Motorola Milestone(Europe & Canada)


   - Includes a self-adhering protective film
   - Access to touch screen, buttons and features
   - Silicone plugs provide coverage for ports

[image: mot4-droid-20-c5otr.jpg]

Harga: *Rp 289.000,-* (sudah termasuk ongkos kirim se Jabodetabek &
Status barang: *BNIB & Ready Stock*.

Thank you.....

Deska Affif
088-1100-GAYA (4292) | Y!: GadgetGaya  |  Light Up Your Gadget!


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