Eclipse problems when adding layoutlib.jar to a project

by Lars » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 05:19:28 GMT

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I need to use the IWindowManager classes et al that resides in the
layoutlib.jar file and have added it to my project in Eclipse (3.4.2)
as an external Jar. After doing this, Eclipse utilizes 100% CPU (very
slow, almost hung) and is unusable when Eclipse tries to build the
project. Sometimes I get it to create the classes,dex file but most of
the time I have to kill the IDE. Also, the dex-file is very large
(around 4MB, when it gets created at all). If I remove layoutlib.jar
the project builds normally.

1. How do I use the layoutlib.jar file in my project?
2. How do I prevent the classes.dex file to contain a copy of
layoutlib.jar? I assume I don't need the jar file when running the
program on the device, or?

I use SDK 1.1_r1

Thanks in advance,


Eclipse problems when adding layoutlib.jar to a project

by Lars » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 15:46:52 GMT

 I have found the solution myself. These jar files should be added as a
"User Library". Right click the project in Eclipse, select "Build
Path" and then "Add Library". Select "User Library" and add the jar
file there.

Lars Brange


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