Can I register a few developer accounts with the same credit card?

by Mark L. Chang » Tue, 03 Mar 2009 07:12:03 GMT

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 On Mar 2, 4:57am, "" <>

I did it just fine.

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XOR :)

PS: there nothing like this. It all depends on what you want to achieve and
what data you gonna process. And hardware accelerated implementation
will always win (but there's none for android I am afraid)

Marcin Orlowski

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I'm working on a porting for a custom board based on at91sam9m10 SoC.
I patched my own kernel ( with android patches (using
official git repositories);
I recompiled android platform (repo init && repo sync) based on
"generic" target to get a small rootdisk.

Framebuffer driver and touch driver are working fine.
However I was stuck in the android lock screen, touch screen events
seemed disabled, no touch-slide was possible.

After few days I figured out the issue:

I had no /sys/power/wake_lock file!
Here is the changeset:;a=commitdiff;h=507fedc71561e41a09d057f9b3c474b9738fb7db

My .config does not implements CONFIG_PM_SLEEP and wake_xxx_attr files
depend on it.
Earlier, declaration do not depend of CONFIG_PM_SLEEP:


So I moved the #endif. After a retry /sys/power/ was correctly populated.
The touch screen was working fine.

I found a past issue that may be related:

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