Can I register a few developer accounts with the same credit card?

by Mark L. Chang » Tue, 03 Mar 2009 07:12:03 GMT

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 On Mar 2, 4:57am, "" <>

I did it just fine.

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I have two G1 phone's, the first one got wet and no longer gets a
signal so I had to buy another :(

My problem is adb does not detect my new phone :(  It can detect my
old phone ok, but not the new one.

Running "adb devices" with my old phone connected shows my old phone,
but with my new phone I just get an empty list.

I'm using Windows Vista.  Before people tell me to install the USB
drivers, I've already done that.  And I've tried "adb kill-server".
And I've restarted the phone and computer many times.  And yes, "USB
debugging" is ticked in the settings of my new phone.  And, like I
said, it is detecting my old broken phone ok.

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I have a GIS layer, that holds information about some areas. It is
basically a rating for a specic area. So each shape defines a specific

I would like to be able to add this layer to Google Maps and then in
my Google Android phone be able to open a little application that just
shows that rating based on your current location as a big number on
the screen.

I am fairly new to Android development, so I don't know the Google
Maps API that well yet.

I would be very happy for any pointers in the right direction and even
happier if anyone could present an example!


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